Our Approach

ExecMd Concierge Medicine Ocala FL
Same Day Appointments

No One Has Time to Be Sick

Medical practices that are dependent on insurance tend to operate with a large patient base and have quotas to meet. This results in waiting for days – and sometimes weeks – for an appointment. A concierge medical practice is much different. Our patient load is much lighter, so not only can you book a same-day appointment, but you also can expect your doctor to spend as much time with you as you need.

Preventative Care
Comprehensive Care

Better Healthcare Management

We manage your healthcare and make recommendations based on what we think is best for you. Unfortunately, when insurance companies are involved, they dictate what procedures and treatments they will approve.

EXECMD Concierge Medicine Ocala Florida
A Personalized Touch

The Next Level of Health Care

Our doctor to patient ratio averages 1 to 300 (vs. 1 to more than 5000 in insurance based health care practices), which allows us to give you more customized care and personalized communication. Our patients call, e-mail or text us when they need us.